10 More Families Receive New Homes!


Great news! Ten more families recently began their journey to escape extreme poverty when they received the keys to their new homes in the Village of joy. These families send their thanks to the compassionate donors of Food For the Poor, who have helped make this possible. They are thrilled to see how this project is beginning to transform their community and change their way of life. They are relieved to no longer have to walk long distances to collect water or worry about inadequate protection from the weather and pests like rats and mosquitos.

When these families moved in, they brought the total number of families living in the Village of Joy to twenty-three. As funding continues to come in, Food for the Poor will complete construction on the remaining seventeen homes and will initiate construction on the community center. It will also implement the agricultural and animal husbandry component of the project where each family will receive a pair of goats for milk and cheese, as well as agricultural supplies and education so they can grow their own food.

Paula Mueller

Help 40 Families Escape Extreme Poverty

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