Beaten Down

  Delacis's youngest child. His hair color is a potential sign of malnutrition.

Delacis Roland is a widower with three children, ages 6, 8, and 12. His wife died eight months ago, making life even more difficult than it had been. His family appears to live in complete misery. “Look and see. My son is not well,” he tells us, pointing at his youngest child’s scalp. The boy appears to be malnourished.

Delacis is an example of a man, who has been knocked down one time too many and is now living without hope. For example, he used to fish, but he is not fishing now. “The water isn’t good anymore,” he explained, when we asked what he does to support his family. He doesn’t seem to see the point of trying any more. Other families in the community do what they can to help him and his children.

  The Roland family managed a few smiles for the camera. For most of our visit, they appeared fairly hopeless.

Their new house is a huge blessing for the family. It provides a safe, dry place to sleep, and Delacis is appreciative of the gift. However, receiving the home doesn’t fix all of his problems. In addition to the house, Delacis also needs a way to support his family. I look forward to seeing all 40 houses funded so that FFP can move along to the sustainment portion of the project.

It is my hope that, when the project is complete, Delacis (and everyone who lives in the Village of Joy) will find renewed hope for their future and that of their children.

Paula Mueller

Help 40 Families Escape Extreme Poverty

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