Edena and her three grandchildren.

Edena Seide is a widow. Her husband died two years ago from hypertension. She shares her home with two children and three grandchildren. One of her daughters has been raped a number of times, resulting in the births of her three grandchildren. Edena describes her daughter as “sick in the head.” Her daughter roams the streets during the day, shouting at no one in particular, and returns to the house at night to sleep. Edena takes care of her grandchildren. None of them attends school because she cannot afford to send them.

Edena carries a heavy burden, but that burden was made lighter when she received her house. She was blown away by the “richness of the gift of this house.” My hope for Edena is that we can provide a suitable sustainment project, so that she will be able to support her family and send her grandchildren to school.

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Paula Mueller

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