Meeting the Dugue's. There is something special about this family.

When we were in the Village of Joy, a few families stood out from among the others. It’s not that their circumstances were different from the other families. Life is difficult for everyone. All of the recipients live in a simple 12’ x 24’ house. They all struggle to support their families. However, a few families showed signs of optimism that greatly exceeds their circumstances. They appear more than just hopeful, and I found myself especially curious about those families.

  Posing with the Dugue family. Their son's t-shirt ("One Step Closer to Winning") captures the family's attitude very well.

The Dugue’s, were one such family. They are a family of five—Roselande, her husband, and three boys. Two of the boys were home at the time of our visit. Both attend the Baptist school and appear to be very bright. The older boy (14) wants to become an engineer. The younger boy (11) wants to become a doctor. Their parents beamed with pride as their children told us about their dreams. Perhaps that is what made them stand out. Lots of children told us they want to become doctors, nurses, or engineers. The members of this family appeared to believe that those dreams are actually possible. That doesn’t mean there is something wrong with everyone else—they know the reality of their situations. Rather, it makes this family remarkable. They seem to ignore the reality of their present circumstances when they dream about the future.

Roselande’s husband is a simple fisherman. He fishes offshore in the lagoon with nets. Roselande stays home. To help improve their circumstances, the family turned their backyard into a banana tree garden. They intend to eat some of the bananas and sell the rest for extra income.

The Dugue’s incredibly proud and appreciative of their new home. In their old house, the goats would come in and try to sleep with them when it rained. They don’t have that problem anymore, and they are incredibly grateful to everyone who helped to make their new home possible.

If you’ve supported the Village of Joy, thank you. You are making a huge difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor! My hope is that, when we’re done with the sustainability projects, all of the recipients will share this family’s optimism about their futures.

Paula Mueller

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