No More Ducking

  Norvil, his daughter, and two grandchildren, who live with him.

Food for the Poor normally titles each house in the name of the family matriarch. That had been the plan for Norvil Francois’s house. Unfortunately, his wife died before the house was constructed. After her death, Norvil became the official recipient of the home, which he shares with his daughter, her seven-year-old daughter, and her five-year-old nephew.

It saddens Norvil that his wife never got to see the new house because he knows how much she would have loved it. He divulged that their old house was very small. Then, pointing to his bruised and scarred head, he added, “And the roof was so low that I hit my head all the time.”

  Meeting the Francois family in front of their new home.

We let out a collective gasp, as we imagined how low the roof must have been. I’m a smidge over 5’3”, and Norvil is about my height.

“So, this house is better, then?” my niece, Amber, asked with a smile.

Norvil returned her smile, and his face lit up. “In the old house, the rain kept us awake,” he explained. “In the new house, we sleep so well. Nothing wakes us up anymore!”

Norvil provides for his family by caring for cows. He also makes and sells charcoal when he can. “Farming is difficult,” he told us. “But God provides. God loves Phaeton, and he sent these foreigners to help us!”

On behalf of the Francois family and all the residents in the Village of Joy, thank you for your continued support! We are preparing to move into the second phase of the project—providing sustainment projects for each family to help them generate a better and more stable income stream. Click below if you would like to make an investment in the financial future of a family like the Francois family.

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