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Dugue Family Before

The Dugue family is one of the first thirteen families to move into the Village of Joy. Roselande Dugue is a stay at home mom. Her husband is a fisherman. Unfortunately, because the area does not have electricity, his catch are not kept properly and often spoil before they can arrive to Cap Haitien’s market. This makes it difficult to sufficiently support their family.

Before receiving a home in the Village of Joy, the family lived with relatives in a home with a leaky roof and no safe doors. Roselande said, “At night, we would worry about our security and that animals like snakes and spiders would come inside and hurt our children. We had to sleep with an ‘open eye.’ Our house is way more beautiful that what we were expecting; it is very different from what we used to live in.”

Dugue Family After

Roselande also explained, “When the work began, I dreamed about our new place every night, I could not wait to see what it would look like, to decorate it, and to make it a home for my family…Also, it would be a great idea if the people from FFP and the donors could come to visit us. I would make some great Haitian coffee and my husband would bring the biggest fish he could get. We would treat them to a nice dinner as our thank-you. Since it is because of their generosity that our kids can sleep peacefully at night, we owe them everything. Please tell them, whenever they are coming by Phaeton, to stop by our place. It will be easy for them to recognize it; it is the blue house, the most beautiful one.”

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