Futbol and Honey

  Meeting with the St. Julien family. This picture is very kind. The house looks much better from the outside than it does from the inside!

Witlan Dorvil is married with three children. Her husband works in Savanne, a nearby town, caring for farm animals. Her children—girls aged 9, 11, and 16—attend public school and dream of becoming nurses. Witlan’s oldest daughter also dreams of being a futbol (soccer) player. She currently plays for the Phaeton team and said they win a lot of their matches. Haiti has many very good local futbol teams for girls and boys. However, in a country like Haiti, futbol isn’t a paid profession. People play for the love of the sport.

During our house tour, Witlan spoke quickly and excitedly as she attempted to explain something to Kate. Her initial attempt lost something in translation.

“I think she’s saying there is honey in their house,” Kate told us.

“Ohhh!” Amber and I responded cheerfully and in stereo.

“But I don’t think it's a good thing,” said Kate.

“Ohhh…” we uttered with far less enthusiasm.

Anxious for us to understand their plight, Witlan continued sharing her story with Kate. As it turns out, one of the rooms in their house has a big bee hive. The bees regularly sting them and buzz in their ears.

Their efforts to exterminate the bees have been unsuccessful. In an attempt to protect themselves, they closed off the room with thin plastic sheets. It helps to a degree, but it also makes an extremely small house even smaller.

The Dorvil family has rented the house for the past 6 years. They pay about $75 per year or $6.25 per month. If you ask me, they are paying too much!

It should come as no surprise that the Dorvil family is anxious to get into a new home soon.

You have the opportunity to help families like the Dorvil family upgrade both their living conditions and their income level. We need your help today so we can complete the Village of Joy by the end of 2017. Will you invest?

Paula Mueller

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