Hatian Luxuries

  Jaceline and Natalie on the porch of their new home. Check out the fun paint job on their porch.

Jaceline Oeilis is mom to Natalie, a beautiful 6 year who aspires to become a doctor when she grows up.

Jaceline has a small business selling packaged dry foods such as rice, spaghetti, beans, and cereal. She buys food wholesale in Terrier Rouge, a nearby town, repackages them into smaller portions, and then sells them in Phaeton. She took the day off work to be home to meet with us.





  Jaceline's main living space. Our homes are furnished with these items, but they are complete luxuries for many Haitian families.
  Natalie's bedroom.

One peek inside Jaceline’s home indicates that she must have some business acumen. While she did not make enough money to pay for a nice home for herself and her daughter, she has made enough money to take care of basic living needs, pay school fees, and purchase a few luxury items (by Haitian standards).

Most homes we visited were furnished with mattresses and plastic chairs. Jaceline’s home was furnished with intricately carved wood furniture, including a dining room table and chairs, a china cabinet, a dresser, and a bed. Jaceline beamed with pride as we ooh-ed and aah-ed over her furnishings.

Jaceline is extremely proud of her home—right down to the pretty exterior colors which she got to pick! “Thank you for my house and all the houses you have built here,” Jaceline told me, as she looked me squarely in the eye. Then she added, “I encourage you to build more houses!”

It makes me uncomfortable to receive so much thanks. I try to remind all of the recipients that I had a lot of help—that there are many, many people who donated to help provide the homes.

My reminders typically don’t change the response I receive from the villagers. To them, I represent all of the people who donated. They would show you the same appreciation if you were standing in front of them. So, on behalf of the people of the Village of Joy, thank you for your continued support. You make all of this possible!

Paula Mueller

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