The Jump For Joy Lady

  Posing with Marguerite and two of her grandchildren.

Marguerite Louis is a white haired grandmother. She had two beautiful grandchildren with her when we met her—a 7 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. They visit her often, but they live in another house with their mother. As a result, Marguerite has the whole house all to herself. She is clearly overjoyed. She jumps up and down while she talks, making big gestures with her arms as she tells others about her new home. Like everyone else living in the Village of Joy, she used to live in a shack made of sticks and mud. When it rained, the goats would come into the house. "Now, I don't have to sleep with the goats when it rains!" she tells everyone. Kate, Food for the Poor’s Director of Projects in Haiti, nicknamed her “the jump for joy lady" because of her reaction when she first met us.

Marguerite hasn't forgotten how difficult her living conditions were previously. She has a simple twin mattress in each of the two small rooms. "Which room do you sleep in?" Kate asked her in Creole. "Sometimes here, and sometimes there," she answered with a grin as she pointed to each room. "I get to choose where I want to sleep." In reality, she shares the extra space with others, so they have a dry place to sleep when it rains. Now, she loves the rain because it keeps her cistern full. She has all the water she needs for bathing, washing clothes, and drinking. Her gratitude is clear, and she thanks God for her "wonderful gift."

If you have supported the Village of Joy, we want to thank you on behalf of Marguerite. Because of you, the Village of Joy is living up to its name.

Paula Mueller

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