Music Man

  Posing with Carline, her husband, and the youngest of their six children. Their five older children were away from home at the time of our visit.

Carline Etienne, her husband, and their six children have been in their home for about a year. Carline’s husband is a musician. He wrote a wonderful song that was sung for us at the ceremony where we inaugurated the village. Unfortunately, being a musician doesn’t really pay in Haiti. As a result, he struggles to support his family. He tried fishing, but he hasn’t had much success. He thinks the fishing in the lagoon is bad, but it is also possible that he lacks the skills and experience necessary to catch the fish that are there.

  Talking with Carline Etienne and her husband. They are thankful for their new home. They said that, in their old house, when it rained, no one could sleep.

Because of his lack of success, he has largely given up on working. We met a few men in this situation. They seem to have little hope that there is anything they can do to change the situation for their families. It is very sad, and, without outside help, their situations appear hopeless. However, one of the great things about the Village of Joy project is that Food for the Poor will work with each family to create a way for them to sustain themselves. Of course, once a family has received the resources and training it needs, it is up to the members of the family to support themselves. Food for the Poor will provide a pole and teach a man to fish. It will not catch the fish for him for the rest of his life. I believe that is a responsible way to help the poor help themselves.

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Paula Mueller

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