Night and Day

  Meeting the Melaide family.

The Melaide’s are a family of six—Desamour, her husband, two boys (13 and 17), and two girls (7 and 23). I didn’t get the chance to meet the boys because they were at school taking their annual exams. Desamour’s husband is a fisherman, and Desamour does small commerce. There was no small talk with this family. They got straight to the point. “In our old house,” they explained, “there were so many holes that there was no difference between night and day. Anyone could look right inside.”

  Desamour, her husband, and their two daughters. Their boys were at school taking exams.

Desamour’s husband told us that they were so grateful for this gift because he would never have been able to build a house like that for his family on his own. While there was no difference between night and day in their old home, their new home is completely different from their old home. Their old home was made of sticks and mud and had a leaky roof. Their new home is made of cinder blocks, protects them from the elements, and keeps the critters out. It has a water catchment system to collect rain water in a cistern and a bathroom with a flushing toilet. It is night and day different.

If you’ve supported the Village of Joy, you’re making a huge difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor. On behalf of the Melaide’s, thank you for your support!

Paula Mueller

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