About the Village of Joy


The Village of Joy will be located in the Phaeton community near Fort Liberte, Haiti. When complete, it will provide 40 families with everything they need to sustain themselves for life. Each family's escape from extreme poverty begins with a concrete house complete with sanitation, water storage, and a solar powered light kit. These families will finally have a safe place to live protected from the weather and pests like rats and mosquitos.

Each family will also receive a pair of goats for milk and cheese, as well as agricultural supplies and education so they can grow their own food. Poverty stricken parents in Haiti often feed their children dried cakes of mud. While these mud cakes do not provide nutritional value, they do calm the stomachs of hungry children--at least for a little while. A new life awaits each family as they become equipped to grow nutritious food to eat.

Finally, the village will include a multi-purpose community center and cows that will provide income opportunities for the villagers.

Imagine how thankful the parents of these 40 families will be! For the first time in their lives, they will have hope for a better future for themselves and for their children. That is the true gift you give when you support the cause.

Help 40 Families Escape Extreme Poverty

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