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Living in extreme poverty makes life both simple and complex. On the simple side of the equation, parents don’t burn the candle at both ends, working too many hours so they can accumulate more stuff or so they can keep what they have. They also don’t run themselves ragged, trying to get their children to an endless list of daily activities. They work, and they care for their families. That’s basically it.

  Fania Monfort and her granddaughters.

On the complex side of the equation, people living in extreme poverty seem to have more complicated living situations. Many families are multi-generational, and many children are living without at least one of their parents for one reason or another. Furthermore, many families have to worry about basic things we take for granted, like staying dry when it rains.

The Monfort family is one such family. Fania is a grandmother, who cares for two granddaughters (ages 10 and 11) who live with her. In their old house, when it rained, they had to climb up into the rafters to get away from the rising water. In their new home, they can hear the rain, but they never feel it. They also have space to accommodate other people who need a dry place to stay when it rains.

If you've supported the Village of Joy, you've help alleviate a huge burden on families like the Monfort family. They sleep safely and soundly knowing they are protected from the elements, critters, and thieves. Thank you for your support. You are making a big difference!

Paula Mueller

Help 40 Families Escape Extreme Poverty

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