Two Jobs

  Posing with the Aunilus family. Despite working two jobs, Mr. Aunilus could not provide his family with decent housing.

Jasmine Aunilus is married and has three children—a girl (6) and two boys (10 and 11). Jasmine’s husband has two jobs. He is an agricultural technician, who works a small agriculture plot about 1km away. He is also a veterinarian. This surprised us, but we were not surprised to hear that veterinary work is intermittent at best. Even when he receives a call, people often cannot afford to pay him much for his services.

  The Aunilus family's new home.

The Aunilus family had a lot to say about the differences between their old house and their new house. “It is inexplicable how much this gift means to me," Jasmine’s husband explained. “The old mud houses, some of them have been around since 1927. I remember one time, in a big rain, I was huddled under a plastic sheet, and another person was hiding from the rain under a bucket. It was so bad that I lost my diplomas in the rain in the old house. All my documents were ruined.”

Jasmine’s oldest son chimed in, "When you don’t have a house like this, it is the same as sleeping in the street! We thank God for this house."

If you've supported the Village of Joy project in any way, the Aunilus family thanks you! You are a blessing to them and to many other families like them.

Paula Mueller

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